Do you like Canadian girls?
- Anonymous

i like all girls lol

im straight so stop asking
I want you to move here also
- Anonymous

ill try

Usually the negative comments you receive are all written from the same person. Usually that just means their jealous of someone they most likely don't even know personally. So ignore the hate. Those people have nothing else better to do. Stay true to yourself because only you truly KNOW yourself :)
- Anonymous

thank you ❤️ ily

Would you ever live or visit cali?
- Anonymous

i want to live there

Lol keep doing you boo😉
- Anonymous

i will 😌

Why are you getting hate?! Love you zac 😚
- Anonymous

love you too and because people have nothing better to do lol


black (ig: zac.hary)
What? :)
- Anonymous

u creepin on me but still anon and talking shit like u know me personally, but people like you just have nothing better to do in their shitty lives lol so continue

I will continue. I know a fuckboy when i see one
- Anonymous

anon (: